Worldfamous ink - Mix Solution 4oz

Worldfamous ink - Mix Solution 4oz
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This set has five stages of wash and one bottle of mix. Shades are as follows: Extreme Black, Black, Dark, Light and Extra Light.

最新Worldfamous Ink - 《 Silvano Fiato black wash set 
極限黑黑灰套裝 》(比大家用過任何的黑色顏料復原效果更黑)

(Extreme Black) 極限黑 - 不能意割線和不能稀色做漸層,只適用於全黑位置
(Black)普通黑 - 可以稀色做漸層(*見意使用奥菲斯Silvano Fiato 套裝調合劑 Mix Solution)

The latest worldfamous ink - 《 Silvao Fiato extreme black grey wash set 》 (healed way blacker than any ink you've ever used) 

Extreme black - is not able to do lining and not able to make grey wash, only for the blackest areas

Black - can be made to grey wash (recommended to use with Silvano Fiato mix solution)